Shellfish allergy and how it can be treated

Shellfish allergy

Due to shellfish allergy, an abnormal reaction may be noticed within the body. Immune system is generally affected as a result of protein from marine animal.

In the category of shell fish, you can encounter sea animals like crabs, oysters, shrimps in addition to squid, octopus and scallops.
Reaction related to shellfish allergy may be noticed with certain occasions only. Mild symptoms such as runny nose and hives are quite common. However, life threatening issue can be encountered with the severe condition also. If you have a doubt in the mind about shell fish allergy then doctor must be visited for further enquiry on the issue. Future reactions can be avoided with the process naturally.


In mere few minutes, allergic reaction as a result of consuming shell fish can be noticed. Some common reactions from shellfish allergy are following.

Itching and Hives which may be recognized with the term of atopic dermatitis in some occasion too.
Lips may be swelled in addition to throat, tongue and face.
Nasal congestion, Breathing trouble and wheezing may be seen too.
Diarrhea, abdominal pain and vomiting can be encountered too
Feeling of fainting can be experienced at the same time.
Mouth tingling

Life threatening reactions are observed in some occasion which is generally remembered with the term called anaphylaxis. The situation has been considered as a medical emergency. Trip to the hospital may be needed at the time. An injection of epinephrine may be considered as a possible treatment.

Signs of Anaphylaxis

Lump in the throat may be encountered. Passages of the nose can be blocked completely on the occasion. Therefore, it may not be possible to breathe properly at all.
Due to shock. Blood pressure may be dropped abruptly.
Rate of pulse may be increased

When should you look for a Doctor?

If you come across allergic symptoms after intake of shell fish then for an emergency treatment, physician must be visited.



By the immune system, shell fish has been considered as a harmful ingredient. Therefore, it is possible to observe antibody production. If shellfish is consumed again then release of histamine can be noticed. Therefore, occurrence of allergy symptoms may be noticed quite naturally.

Kinds of Shellfish

In Shellfish, several types of proteins may be encountered. On the basis of this protein, shell fish is generally divided. They are generally known with the term like Mollusks and Crustaceans. People may be allergic to either one or two types of shell fishes.


To prevent reaction from the shell fish, you have to stop eating. However, you may eat shell fish accidently in some occasion. Mild reaction due to allergy can be treated by the doctor quite easily.

Through a medication like antihistamines, both the signs and symptoms can be eliminated from the body completely.
However, problems occur with severe reaction. Emergency room must be visited on the occasion. It is better to inject epinephrine as soon as possible on the occasion.

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