Symptoms and Treatment of peanut allergy

Peanut allergy

For the schools, it has become important to go nut free due to high percentage of nut allergies. It can be seen especially with the peanut. Therefore, peanut butter has been avoided during lunch. Hyperactive reaction has been noticed with the peanut allergy. Due to these reactions, life of a person can be endangered also. Peanuts are one of the ingredients of allergy that have been associated with the anaphylaxis mostly.

From a sudden attack, deadly condition can be encountered in the process, Therefore, requirement of adequate treatment and attention is seen on the occasion.
Children have been suffering mostly from peanut allergy. Percentages of allergic kids have been increasing with each passing day. Due to misconception related to these types of allergies, problems are increasing further without any doubt. Peanut is a part of legume family. Previously, it has been believed that peanut allergies cannot be treated. However, the fact has been established that 20% children can come out of this allergy with time.


Itchy Skin
Tingling sensation close to throat and mouth especially
Congested nose

How can you avoid peanut allergy?

To get rid of peanut allergy, it is always better to avoid products that have been made from peanut. Severe reaction can be countered with epinephrine.


Treatment of peanut allergy is pretty complex issue. Difference of symptoms may be observed with every individual.

It is better to visit an allergist to deal with the issue. Diary with the names of food can be maintained in order to know actual cause of the allergy in the beginning. Quantity of the food must be recorded in the process too.

Medical history of the person in addition to the family may be considered on the occasion too. If you find out in the process that the problems are happening due to peanuts then it must be eliminated from the diet completely.
However, it is always better to run a test in order to become sure about peanut allergy. Through blood or skin, tests are done in most occasions. By avoiding the food item for a week or two, reactions may be observed. In case the problems are eliminated as a result then condition of allergy can be ensured.


For a people allergic to peanut, it becomes very necessary to apply caution. Chances of anaphylactic shock can be evaded in the process only. Labels of the food must be read adequately before purchasing it from the market every time.

In some occasion, peanuts are found with chocolates, cakes, pies and cookies. Therefore, you must ask the chef about the ingredients before ordering a meal in a restaurant. Peanut is a common ingredient for marinades and sauces especially in the Mexican and Asian food. Therefore, additional amount of caution must be applied on those occasions. As a topping, peanuts are used in the ice cream too.
Recipes must be modified always to match requirement of the people with peanut allergy especially while making the food from scratch.

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