Symptoms and Types of milk allergy

Milk allergy – Common Problem of today

Milk allergy can be considered as an immune reaction that has been seen in the human due to consumption of various kinds of animal milk especially cow milk. Alpha S1 casein may be seen as the reason for this allergy. It is especially found within cow’s milk. However, it is not right to confuse milk allergies with lactose intolerance in any given occasion. In both the cases, symptoms are quite same. Still, there are some difference between lactose intolerance and milk allergy.
Due to lack of presence of enzyme that helps to digest the lactose, intolerance may be noticed. However, milk allergy is a completely different thing. In most cases, allergic reactions are seen with cow’s milk. 90% of the children can be found in the world that is allergic to milk. It may be seen as one of the eight foods that causes allergy.


Generally slow reaction is observed with the milk allergy. It is especially noticed with the children. Few days later, symptoms of allergy may appear. In some occasion, it can be found few hours later also. Some of these symptoms can be described as the following.

Cramps in the abdominal area
Loose stool
Coughing intermittently
Skin rashes
Slow gain the weight in addition to height

Some quick symptoms may be noticed with the milk allergy too. It may be seen within few seconds of the consumption generally. They are:


These reactions from milk allergy is relative rare. In some occasion, serious reaction with the allergy may be noticed. The condition is generally recognized with the term called anaphylactic shock. Both the throat and moth can be swelled in the process. Unnatural drop may be noticed with the blood pressure. Problems with breathing may be found and it may lead to cardiac arrest also. Due to nature of this reaction, it is better to contact the doctor as soon as possible. Through a shot of Epinephrine, problems can be treated effectively.

Allergies from Rice Milk

Due to consumption of rice, it is not possible to encounter an allergy. Therefore, children are often given rice milk. In the west, these types of allergies may not be observed at all. However, it is quite prevalent in the east especially within Asian countries.


Skin redness
Allergies from Almond Milk

Due to a switch from cow milk to relatively soothing almond milk, allergic reaction can be noticed too. Nuts are placed quite high in the list of allergic reactions especially that are obtained from trees.
Issues related to the cow’s milk can be solved within infancy. However, tree nut allergies must be continued for a lifetime. 9% children may come over problems of tree nuts allergies in the process.


Abdominal Pain
Breathing trouble
Runny Nose.

Reaction of anaphylactic nature may be noticed with the use of almond milk also.

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