Living with FPIES Allergy

FPIES Allergy Problems

The term FPIES is an abbreviation for food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome.

In some occasion, the syndrome is recalled as F-Pies also. It may sound quite similar to apple pies. However, doctors always refer it as FIES. Both the colon and small intestine can be inflamed as a result of Entercolitis. These kinds of inflammations can be described as allergies also.

What is FPIES?

FPIES allergy is an immune reaction of the gastrointestinal system. It can be observed with a single or multiple types of foods.

As a result of allergy, diarrhea or excessive vomiting can be experienced quite naturally. Due to continuous indigestion issues, problems are generally noticed. If the problems are cured then the symptoms are also relaxed. In most occasions, FPIES is seen with cow’s milk and soy products.

However, it can be encountered with some other allergens such as oat, rice and barley also.
For a child, FPIES allergy is a very serious issue as the stomach bug may hit them quite severely. However, the action may remain for only few hours. It is better to visit a physician with this kind of allergies. Symptom of the allergy is similar to stomach flu.

Therefore, allergy can be confused with mere stomach flu. If the kid goes through trouble again with the consumption of the particular food then it must be considered as an allergy instead of stomach flu.

Common Symptoms of FPIES Allergy

If a kid develops a reaction after consumption of particular kind of food then it can be considered as an FPIES allergy.

However, delay of two to three hours can be seen in some occasion also. Severe vomiting of repeated nature may come across in due course. It may lead to diarrhea without adequate treatment on time.

The children may sleep all day on the occasion even color of their faces may become dull. Following to an examination from physician, blood pressure may be low. Dehydration can be experienced at the same time.

Through blood test, it is possible to find signs that are similar to sepsis. In the beginning of FPIES, the children can be diagnosed with sepsis.
Intestinal problems may arise with the consumption of food that is a part of the daily diet.

Both vomiting and diarrhea may be seen on the occasion too. Infection may occur all over the body. Intensity of the syndrome varies with every person.


Cow’s milk, soy products in addition to breast milk can be a reason behind the FPIES allergy. It is especially seen with the infants.

However, oats, rice, peas, poultry, squash and sweet potatoes can be observed as a trigger also.

Diagnosis and Tests:

Through common allergy test, it is not possible to diagnosis the FPIES allergy.

Problems cannot be detected with simple blood test or skin prick test. However, triggers can be identified in the process. It is possible to experience swelling, hives and wheezing. It is always better to go with the Atopy patch testing procedure. However, it is not considered as a validated test. Oral food challenge can be considered at some occasions.

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